Sides Back with Braids

Pull her sides back but leave about an inch of hair just above her ears on each side (this is going to be braided) 
Take the 1" hair and make a braid.  Do this on both sides then pull the braids toward the sides back ponytail and secure them overlapping each other with bobbie pins. 

Wavy Hair

Our goal is usually to try all kinds of different styles so instead of the crimping or making ringlets we found a wavy iron.  I have included a picture below to show you what ours looks like.

All we did for this cute style was started with the underneath hair and made small parts starting at the scalp and working your way to the ends of her hair.  It is the same as crimping her hair with a crimping iron.   

Fish Tail Wrap

As my daughter is getting older she wants more grown up styles here is one that turned out really cute.
I started with making her far lateral part.  Then I made a fish tail braid on the side of her head with the least amount of hair.  As you can see below it is french fish tailed (if that is what you call it)  then I finished fish tail braiding all the way to the end of her hair.  ***you need to braid the hair long enough that it reaches the other side of her head. 
Once the braid is finished secure it with an elastic. 
Drape the braid across the back of her head and end it above her opposite ear.  Pull the top hair up and secure with bobbie pins the end of the fish tail braid.  As shown below.  Pull the top hair down over to hide the elastic and bobbie pins.  ***if you cross the bobbie pins they stay in much better***

We then swooped the front top of her hair and added a flower over the top to ensure the bobbie pins were hidden. 

Toddler Braids and Ribbons

First start by pulling a small piece of hair across the front of her head and secure it on the side with an elastic. 
Then make a 2nd part and french braid this hair.  Pulling the first ponytail into the braid then secure with an elastic. 
Make a parallel 2nd french braid secure it with an elastic.
Take a piece of ribbon and start at the top weaving it in and out of the braid crossing the ribbon in the center of the 2 braids.
I wrapped the ends of the ribbon around both ponytails and tied the ribbon in a bow.

Make-up for Beginners

Beginners Make-up

Step 1.
How to Prep the Skin -
The most thing I get asked it "Why doesn't my make-up turn out right?" It's all in the prep!
Its important to apply your make-up on fresh, clean skin. There is nothing worse then "adding" make-up the morning after the night before!

Start by cleansing the skin - Using a cleanser to remove any dirt or old make-up on the skin.

Use eye make-up remover - Its important to remove those "panda eyes" with a water base eye make-up
remover, Water bases is used as oil bases removes can leave a residue on the skin which will prevent the make-up being applied correctly.

Use toner on cotton wool - Toners remove any left over cleansers leaving the skin smooth and ready for make-up!

Apply Moisturizer - If you do nothing else, apply moisturizer to your skin. It's a must, so spend a little time on finding the right one for you.

Optional step - Primer - Applying primer is the final step in our prep. It's always the final step before foundation. A little tip on saving money with primers is to use a face primer on lid and lips. Primer really helps the make-up last so is it some thing worth investing in. For tips on different primers check out my reviews.

Full video here: Howto prep the Skin

Step 2.

Choosing the right foundation for you! 

Few thing to consider when picking the right foundation.

Shade - Which is the hardest to find, but what my video here to see my tips on getting the right shade.

Coverage - Whether you want full, medium or sheer coverage. Click here to see my foundation suggestions.

Finish - Matte finish (suited to oil skin) Dewy (suited to dryer skin) Satin (Suited to most skin types)

Top Tips:
Pick three shades - starting with a lightest shade then you think you are and work up from there. This will prevent you buying a shade that is too dark. (Which most people do)

Try the shades out on your jawline/neck where possible, otherwise your wrist or hand can help give a general guide.

Remember to stand in a doorway or outside to see if the colour matches, it’s also important to blend the foundation and let it set to see the TRUE shade.

A foundation with sunscreen is a safe bet, but you will still need to wear sunscreen under your foundation.

Foundation is totally optional, if you have blemishes or pimples, try strategically placed concealer instead. Or just wear the foundation on the parts that need it, around your nose, under the eyes and on the chin. Always make sure to blend properly.

Watch video here: Picking the Right Foundation

Step 3

Applying Foundation

So many different ways to apply foundation. Each foundation has a technique that works best with it. Also the technique you choice will give you a different effects. I have list of my foundation suggestions and the best way to apply them, Click here to view.

So lets go through the different tools you can use -

Finger Tips are the easiest and cheapest to use (because they are always there) They can give you the best finish as the heat can bring the foundation to skin temperature and help it to blend evenly. No matter what tool I use, I always finish off using my finger tips.

Sponges are my favorite to use for many reasons, they blend really well. They can give you full to sheer(light) coverage. Cheap and disposable or you can be super cheap and wash them. Click here to see how I do it.

There are a few foundation brushes, Stippling brushes can be used to apply liquid and mineral powder foundation. It can give you a great flawless look.
When applying liquid foundation using a dabbing and swirling motion works best and using a swirling motion works best with mineral foundation too.
This has been my chosen tool as of late, click here to see why. 

Flat foundation brushes were the most popular choice when I started making videos, They are still popular but being replaced with other tools nowadays. It can give you full coverage. I like using it to apply my primers.
Newer round top foundation can also give you a beautiful application.

Watch video here: Applying Foundation

Step 4.


For so many of us concealer is over use or forgotten. (I have to admit I used to totally over use it) Concealer is a concentrated form of pigment used to hide some thing (hence the name conceal)
A lot of us focus too much on full coverage foundation and instead need to use concealer to hide our imperfections.

Even though concealer comes in so many forms - Liquid, cream, stick...However there basically two types of concealer that you need for your make-up bag.
One for under the eyes and One to be used on imperfections.

Under eyes

Under the eyes is slightly drier so the concealer that you use need to be slightly moisturising.
It can also be pink/salmon tone to neutralising the blue/dark hues under the skin.
Some concealer can also have highlighters, theses are used for under the eye area to brighten and lift the eyes. Some used these on blemishes but they are not designed for any real covering anything, they are designed to brighten the area.

The most famous out of all the highlighter is a Touche Eclat which is a highlighter, not a concealer despite what everyone believes.


When it comes to spots/pimples you need to use a concealer that is matte and full coverage. Its important that a concealer for blemish has no shine as shine can draw attention to the area you want to hide.

No matter that you concealer only use a small amount, apply it to the blemishes or discolouration only and blend blend blend!!

Watch video here: Picking the Right Concealers - Under Eyes/Blemishes Step 4

Step 5.

How to Make Foundation/Concealer Last All Day

So here is a step that I think really might help a lot of you, its some thing I never did as a teen, mostly because I didn't know about it but its is to set your foundation with a powder or a setting spray.

Setting sprays can be used after a full face of make-up as been applied, its great if you use liquid or cream make-up and don't want to set it with a powder. Hold the spray back from your face and lightly mist the face, then allow is to dry. After that you should be all set!

Setting powders can be used after all cream and liquids have been applied. Loose or pressed powders can be used.

Watch full video here: Setting Foundation

Braid to Ponytail

This is the same style done on both of my girls.  I just wanted to show how different one style looks from different types of hair.

This first set of pictures is of my Toddler's hair.  I made a simple french braid of top of her head I angled it to the left just a little bit.
Then I pulled all the hair including the braid into a ponytail. 
The last step was making ringlets in her ponytail.

My older daughter is next I did the same french braid along the top of her head.
Then I pulled all the hair except the french braid into a ponytail. 
I wrapped the french braided hair around her ponytail and secured with a clear elastic. 
I also put ringlets in her hair to finish off the ponytail. 

Sunshine Award

I was lucky enough to receive a Sunshine Award from So nice of her and I was really grateful! 

The rules are:
• Thank the person who gave you this award
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The questions and answers are here:
  1. Favorite color: I like Hot pink and fuchsia shades, I always go for them in lipstick and shoes and dress and tops and jackets lol Seriously! 
  2. Favorite Animal: I love all animals, but I guess dogs, my dogs ( Sandy who is my baby)
  3. Favorite number: Lucky Number 21, same as my boyfriends birthday and our anniversary but it has always been my lucky number even before I meet him. (His has always been 7 - My birthday)
  4. What perfume am I using right now?: Chanel No. 5
  5. Something you always wear with you and identifies you: Don't think I can think of one, I was known for always having my hair down and never tying it up I guess that would be it.
  6. What’s your passion?: Make-up, which makes me sound like a girlie girlie but it not just applying make-up it is the theory behind make-up and the history not just about wearing it.
  7. What was the last eyeshadow you used?: Mocha by ELF which I love, you can see swatches of it on my swatches tag.
  8. Favorite day of the week: Wednesday or Saturday not sure why though.
  9. Are your nails painted right now?: Yeah on my hands I have Essence 07 Wanna Kiss? and on my toes I have NYC Hot Pink.

I TAG all the girls that I love hearing from - 

  8. Nina Carry (Review Page Facebook)

2 Braids into Ponytail

This is a fun way to add a little more to your ponytail.

First start by making a square part on the top of her head.  Make a french braid along the back of the square. *shown below* 
Then make a french braid along the front hair line parallel to the first braid. 
Put all the hair except the front braid into a ponytail secure with an elastic.  Then wrap the front braid around the ponytail.  Secure that with bobbie pins or a clear elastic. 
Below is the top view. 
Below is the side view.