Poof Triangle

 This is a very simple but turned out really cute.
Make a far lateral part.  Along the part make 3 small ponytails, as shown below.
 The next row you are going to make 2 small ponytails taking 1/2 of the 2nd ponytail and splitting one to each of the 2 ponytails.  Shown below
 Pull the 2nd row ponytails and pull them to a point.  Shown below.  (I also use a small square of hair to keep the ponytails in place)

Make It or Break it Lauren Style

We are so excited that Make it or Break it is back on.  This style is from the first week it was back on.  I apologize for the lack of pictures even with my older daughter we have moments of not wanting to cooperate.

 First make a poof center french braid as shown below make the braid loose.
 Make a simple braid on each side with the hair across the front of her face down to her ear. 
 Pull all the hair into a high ponytail.

Life as We Know it Braid Hair

This a 2nd style  taken from the movie Life as We Know it. Katherine Heigl wore her hair this way in the movie as well.
Make a french braid along the left side of her head as shown below 
French braid the right side as shown below too. 
Add the 2 braids together in the middle back of her head shown below.
Make a big loose messy bun 

Life as We Know it Roll Hair

This style is taken from the movie Life as We Know it. Katherine Heigl wore her hair this way through out the movie.
 Start on one side and make a roll that leads to the back center of her head. 
 Roll the other side to meet the first roll in the middle of her head.
 Hook the 2 rolls together with an elastic.
 Make a cute messy bun