Toddler Ponytails

Since she is my toddler it is very difficult to get her to hold steal so we have done the best we can.

First take a triangle part at the front of her hair. Then pull it to the left side and pull up the remaining side hair into one elastic. On the right side pull up the side into an elastic this gives her a cute pigtail look while keeping small fine hair out of her face.

Simple side roll.

Sometimes with my littlest it is difficult to get a good picture so here is the best we have of her side roll. All you do is take a small amount of hair along the front of her face and roll it while adding hair as you roll further back. Secure with an elastic.

Puffy Rolls

This is similar to a puffy braid. Start at the top and put in elastic. With the next section of hair pull it up the this is where it gets different. Twist the hair in the elastic around itself to make a twist in between your elastics. It gives it a fun different look.