Puffy Braids

Start by making a row of small ponytails that looks like a headband across the front of her head.

Then take the first row of ponytails and split them into 2 pieces. Make 2 more smaller squares and add the far side ponytails and include it into the 2nd row.

Here is what it looks like from the top of her head. If you need further instructions please ask this one is difficult to explain.

Toddler Puffy Headband

This is very simple and she got so many compliments on this wild hairstyle. All I did was made very small parts and pulled them back into as straight of a line as I could and secured the ponytails with elastics. The finished product looks similar to a headband.

Triangle Part to Bun

Make triangle parts all the way around the front of her head. The picture belows shows how this is done.

Take all the triangle parts and pull the ends into one ponytail.
Make small hairs with the hair in the ponytail and twist them tight as shown below. Use the twisted hair to make a messy bun.

This picture shows how the hair looks once it is twisted.

We then added a flower to the side of her bun. The picture below shows what it looks like from the top of her head.

Fun Updo!!

This is a fun up do that has so many different angles so I will do my best to explain step by step.
I started by making corn rolls 3 of them diagonally across the front of her head

There are a couple of ways to make the rolls I took the all the hair I wanted rolled and held it out then began twisting until it was tight against her head. The other method is similar to a braid you start rolling and adding hair until you have the length you want

Once the rolls are secured in place I made triangle parts all around the outside of her head.

Then take the hair that was left in the middle and put it into a ponytail.

Now start pulling the triangle part ponytails and leave 2 small pieces of hair out and pull the rest into the middle ponytail. (I hope the picture below helps explain what I mean)

Take the pony tail and twist small pieces of hair to give it a messy bun look. Still leaving the stray strands of hair from the triangle parts out.

Now take the stray strands of hair and make ringlets out of them.

Then pin the ringlets around her hair to give the hair a much fuller look

Below is a side picture of the finished product.

Toddler 3 Ponytails

Simple as it sounds 3 small ponytails around her head

Angel Braid

An Angel braid is very similar to a regular braid. The only difference is that you only pull hair from one side instead of both sides. All I did on this one is a small angel braid across the top of her head.

This is fun simple and really cute.


I did a far side part and then made 3 twists on one side

2 twists on the other side and then combine them together with an elastic.

Ribbon Braid Headband

I made a very small ponytail with an elastic and pulled the ribbon through to make my starting point.

Then take the ribbon and separate it into 2 one side of the ribbon on 2 of the 3 french braid strands. Then french braid as normal across the front of her head.

I secured the end with an elastic and then tied the ends of the ribbon into a bow. She loved this style because so many people complimented on how cute it looked.