We Love Braids

WE love Braids at our house so here is another set of 2 braids. I also have a different varation with 2 french braids. I will post those picture next.

I Need Some Feedback

I have recently been asked about adult hairstyles. I was curious if there are others out there that would like me to add adult hairstyles to my blog. If you want your blog or email added to my blog please email me at thewrighthair@yahoo.com.

2 Braids into 2 Buns

Just a brief explanation. I want to let everyone know that the reason for such simple hairstyles right now is that I am a working mom and during the summer we try to keep things simple and quick. So here is another very simple and quick hairstyle.

Part the hair down the middle I braid each side first and secure the ends with elastics. Then make low pigtails. You can either leave them as pigtails or we made buns.

This is a side view and below is a view from the top.

Model Hair

My hair as a model

Take the first section of hair and braid it all the way to the ends. Repeat on the other side.

French Braid into Flower Bun

Create 2 french braids along each side of her head. Leaving a small section in the middle. See picture below.

Take the middle section of hair and secure in an elastic.

Pull all the braids and middle section of hair into a ponytail.

Make a bun and use the ends of the braids to create a flower look.

Half the Hair Bun

Bun with Ribbon Tied Around it.

Take front and pull down to sides (by her ears). I did a pull through (or twist). Do this on each side. Then all the sides back into an elastic.

This is the view from the back in the ponytail

Now create your bun. Once the bun is in place take a ribbon and put it around the bun. (A special technique I use is taking the ribbon and running it in and out of the hair this ensures the ribbon will stay where you want it)

3 Puffy Braids

I did a far side part and pulled 3 puffy ponytails to one side and 2 puffy ponytails on the other side.

3 Toddler Ponytails

This one really is as simple as it looks part the hair in 3 sections put 1 elastic and then pull it back to a 2nd elastic. Do the same for all 3 sections. Easy as that

2 french braids into sides

Always start by making your parts. This helps to make sure your lines are straight and you don't pull your little girls hair. It also makes french braiding easier.
We so a far side part. I started by french braiding one side and then finish with the other side as show below.
Left side of her hair

This is the right side of her hair.

After the braids are complete pull them towards the back of her hair. Secure with an elastic.
This is very simple and yet such a cute hairstyle.

2 Braids to Side Pony

2 Braids on her lefts side down to a single side ponytail

Start by making your first side part. Split that hair into 2 sections. French braid each section as shown below. Finish the braid all the way to the end of her hair.

Once you have the 2 braids pull them together into a side ponytail we used the left side of her hair. Once the ponytail is in place use the braid to wrap around the ponytail. As show below.

Add flower or bow accents as you desire.

Puffy Braids

Start by parting the hair down the middle. Take one side and put an elastic about half of the hair. Then pull the rest of the hair back including the first ponytail. Repeat on the other side.

Twist into Pigtails

Start at the front of her hair and roll it back then secure it with an elastic. Do the same to the other side. This keeps the very small fine hair from sticking up everywhere.