Side Braid

First french braid across the front of her hair as shown below.

Next pull the rest of her hair to a side ponytail (on the side where the braid has ended)

Once the hair is in a ponytail make a messy bun of your choice.

Since my daughter is such a girl we added a flower to match her outfit. The flower is from Bybee Bows purchased at

Here is a side shot of the finished product.

Puffy Hairstyle

For your little ones who don't have much hair this is fun and looks really cute. Especially if your little one has a spunky attitude.

First part the top of her hair and pull it to one side in a ponytail as shown below.

Then part and pull the second one together with the first pony tail.

Now do the same for the third.
Here is the finished product.

Ribbon Fun

For everyone who loves ribbons here is a fun idea to put a little spunk in your girls hair style.
I only have the finished product on this one, so I will explain how it is done.
First pull up the front bangs in an elastic. Then pull it through to make the twist. Tie the ribbon of your choice around the elastic. Part the remaining hair down the middle. Split the hair in the elastic into 2 pieces one for each side. To get the ribbon look just wrap it around one section of hair and put into a pigtail. Do the same for the other side. Then make a messy bun of your choice.

Here We Go!

Everyone Get READY SET HAIR!

I love to do my girls hair even though my youngest doesn't have much hair it is fun to share ideas on how to make them look cute. All girls have different kinds, types, and lengths of hair. That is the purpose of this blog is to share ideas and give ideas on how to do girls hair of all kinds. I get really tired of doing my girls hair the same way each weeks so lets get creative. Everyone get ready because here we go. Get ready for my next post that will follow is the first of many cute hairstyles.