Fish Tail Wrap

As my daughter is getting older she wants more grown up styles here is one that turned out really cute.
I started with making her far lateral part.  Then I made a fish tail braid on the side of her head with the least amount of hair.  As you can see below it is french fish tailed (if that is what you call it)  then I finished fish tail braiding all the way to the end of her hair.  ***you need to braid the hair long enough that it reaches the other side of her head. 
Once the braid is finished secure it with an elastic. 
Drape the braid across the back of her head and end it above her opposite ear.  Pull the top hair up and secure with bobbie pins the end of the fish tail braid.  As shown below.  Pull the top hair down over to hide the elastic and bobbie pins.  ***if you cross the bobbie pins they stay in much better***

We then swooped the front top of her hair and added a flower over the top to ensure the bobbie pins were hidden.