Ribbon Braids Headband

Start the french braid as you normally would but add a ribbon to 2 of the braid strands.  You are going to be making 2 braids along the face line.  Braid all the way to the ends.
 Do the same french braid with a ribbon on the other side along her face line. 
Braid all the way to the ends.
 Attach the braids together in the middle of her head (loosely)

FishTail Braids

This is a very simple and quick hairstyle. 
First make a part,  I made hers with a slight diagonal at the front of her head and curved it to the middle of her head going all the way down.  Then pull each side into a low ponytail. 
Once the ponytail is in place then fish tail braid it.  For those of you who don't know what a fish tail is you braid with 2 strands of hair instead of 3.
Fish tail braid both ponytails and then I took the new sports ribbon (you can use any ribbon you want or have already)  and I tied the ribbon around the front of her head as shown below.

Toddler Twist w/ Rockin Bobbie Pins

I apologize for not many toddler styles anymore.  We cut my little girls hair into an A line and she will only let me use 1 elastic for her hair.   I will tell everyone that her hair looks much better cut and is filling out after taking off her baby hair.

Her bangs are still trouble so we did a twist or roll across the front of her head and wrapped it around to the left side of her head.  I secured it with an elastic.

We then put a flower made from http://www.mom-stuff.com/ they are called rockin bobbie pins.

Twists Inspired by Selena Gomez

This a very simple easy and fun style.  It was inspired by watching Selena Gomez. 
First take a small triangle shape of hair on the left side of her head.  Simply twist the hair by 2 strands and secure with bobby pins.  I cross 2 bobby pins going in opposite directions to make sure the style stays in place.
Do the same thing to the other side.

Top View
This style really takes just a few minutes and looks great.