Roll Crazy

I started with the front roll first and if your daughter is like mine I had to hold it with elastics to make sure the roll was tight.  *Note* I did the rolls similar to a braid but with 2 strands adding a new piece of hair as you roll.  Make 2 more rolls parallel to the first. 
Do the same thing to the other side as show below you will have a total of 6 rolls.
I left 1 small piece of hair out of a ponytail on both sides.  All the rest of the hair put into a high ponytail. 
Take the hair you left down and pull it around the ponytail.  This is done to both sides. 
Take small amounts of hair from the ponytail and twist them until they curl up.  Secure them with bobby pins.
I made a total of 4 twists in the ponytail.  (you can do more or less depending on how much hair your daughter has.)
Back view below.