Inspired by Lady Gaga

I started by making a poof in the front of her hair.  (We did this because she is still trying to grow out her bangs)
Make a french braid from the front near her ear all the way to the center back of her head.  Do this on both sides as shown below.  *Leave the poof and a small amount of hair below the poof out of the braid for now.*
Below shows both the french braids secured together and the hair left out. 
Now combine all the hair into a ponytail shown below.
Seperate the ponytail into 2 sections of hair.  Take the right side and make a loop leaving the ends to hang down towards her neck we will use this hair to wrap the center.
Do the same thing to the left side.  I secured the loop with bobby pins.
Now take the ends from the loops and pull them up around the center of the 2 loops.  Secure these with bobby pins as well.