4th of July Fancy Hair

This was done for the 4th of July but can be used for any holiday all you have to do is change the decorations you use.
I started by making a front poof. 
Then I braided her sides up.  Each side gets french braided up to the middle of her head.
Then pull all the hair into a ponytail
Now make a messy bun. 
Then I found a red white and blue paper weight at the dollar store I pulled them apart and the 2 picture below are the items separated.
I pulled this one into individual strands and started to tie them into her hair. 
The picture below has wire in it and was easy to wrap in and out of her hair. 
Below is the back of her hair.

Right before it got dark we took glow in the dark bracelets and wrapped them through her hair as shown below.