Hello Kitty Flat Iron

Since we have been doing a lot of ringlets with our flat iron and loving them.  I thought we should let everyone know about this wonderful flat iron.
We just love our Hello Kitty Flat Iron by http://www.sparklebee.com/  This site has the funnest Hello Kitty products.  If your girls love Hello Kitty as much as mine you must check this site out.  They are also on facebook at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Sparklebee-from-Marino-Andriani/141538819235849
This flat iron is perfect for all the hair tasks the are presented to you. Even if it is as simple as just straighten your daughters hair.
  Or putting ringlets in your hair this straightening iron does it all. 
 One of my favorite parts of this straightening iron is that my daughters just love it because of course it has Hello Kitty.  We give this flat iron 2 thumbs up in all categories. My girls always want me to use this flat iron on their hair.
Once again you can purchase your own flat iron at http://www.sparklebee.com/