Friend's Post on Toddler Ribbon HairBand

I apologize its taken so long to post these cute pictures but here they are. 
Katherine a blogger friend sent me these adorable pictures of her daughter.
She writes, "Hi, I've been subscribed to your RSS feed since my little girl's hair was long enough to put up. I've used your toddler posts as inspiration. Like the "Toddler Ribbon Hairband". What also inspired me was the hairbands where you make a small ponytail, then put it and some more hair into another ponytail. I've done that with my daughter's hair. I start at the back of her head, and go all around and back to the back, making a crown. As I go along, I loop ribbon around each ponytail. At the end, I clip the last ponytail with a hair clip. Attached are pictures of the results. The one with the white ribbon was when she was 21 months, and the other is at 22 months. Thanks for your ideas and posting them!!