Crimped Hair

My oldest daughter has been on a I want crimped hair phase. 
The first time she wanted it crimped I took her hair right out of the bath so it was wet and made 4 french braids.  I figured this would be the easiest way to get crimps without all the work. **NOTE** when she wakes up in the morning make sure the braids are dry.  Hers were not so I took the blow dryer to them for a few minutes.
The picture below is the next morning hair.  They turned out really cute.
 Only a day later she wanted crimps again.  I decided since the braids worked so well the first time we did them again.  This time I did 5 braids because her center braid the day before was much bigger than the rest.  She decided to be helpful and pull the braids out before she talked to me.  Needless to say they were not dry.  The whole center and back of her hair was straight. 
So mom to the rescue we had a crimping iron and the work began.  
Luckily we did not have to crimp the entire thing we just touched up the straight areas.  
Below are the results.   

So for my personal opinion if anyone would like it.  The french braids were much easier and much faster.  However the crimping iron gave us a more even crimp.