The Messy Bun Step by Step Instructions

Recently I have had a lot of people asking me about my messy bun.  So here goes if these are not clear please ask questions I will do my best to explain what I do.

Because we don't just like plain messy buns at our house you will get a few instructions on rolls for the front of the hair.
I first made a roll across the front of her head this pulls all the bangs out of her face.
I then made a 2nd roll and 3rd rolls as shown below.  1 almost parallel to the first and the 2nd to make a t. I secured them in place with small bobby pins
Then I made 3 more rolls.  Another one parallel to the 2nd roll and one that follows the t shaped one.  The last one is parallel as shown below.  (I hope all that made sense if not try and look at the picture)
Now to start the messy bun.  Take all the hair and put it into a ponytail.  Don't pull the hair all the way through on the last loop of your elastic.
The back of the hair will look like this after all the hair is into the ponytail.
Now I take the hair that is looped and pull it upwards towards her head.  This makes a circle shape in her hair secure this with a clear small elastic.
Below is the hair after I have pulled the loop upwards. 

Now bobby pins become your best friend.  I use bobby pins to put the hair where I want it as shown below.  If you put the hair into a bobby pin and it looks to small put your finger in the loop and pull a little bit.  You can also pull small amounts of hair and pull it to the other side and secure with bobby pins. 
Below is the finished messy bun.  If this doesn't make sense please ask me more questions.