SideWinder Hair Holders

Recently we came across the latest, funnest, and easiest hair accessory.  The website if anyone is interested in these is    Keep watching my hairblog because YES for the first time in The Wright Hair history we are doing a giveaway.  We will be giving away some Sidewinders.

 The SideWinders added some flare to this simple style.  We picked the colors clear and green because my daughters school colors are blue and green.  She had so much blue on that we wanted to emphasize the green.

I first made a zigzag part and then made a simple, thin french braid .  Do this to both sides as shown below.  I left some hair out above her ears. 
Once the french braid is done I added the SideWinders I mixed my colors so I used one green and one clear instead of 2 of the same color (for instructions on where to buy or how to use go to

Do this to both sides.  *NOTE*  if your daughter has thin hair or you don't use a lot of hair then use a clear elastic at the end to keep sidewinder in place.
Once the sidewinders are in place then I used a clear elastic to pull them together in the middle of her hair.