St Patricks Day Rockin Bobbie Pins and French Braid Fun

Tons of fun with Braids and Rockin Bobbie Pins for St Patricks Day

Start by making a french braid down the center of her head as shown below.
Then make a french braid up her head toward the center braid.  Do this on both sides of her head as shown below.
You are going to continue making french braids around her head angled towards the center of her head.  Below is the part of her hair
Below shows the bottom back of her neck she is kneeling to get the bottom 3 french braids done.
Below is the french braid above and below her ear.
All in all you have 3 french braids acorss the front of her head and 3 at the bottom of her head.  Once these are done put them all in a ponytail.
Then make a messy bun or make ringlets to give a more sophisticated look.
If you want to turn this into a St. Patricks Day Hairstyle then make some fun Rockin Bobbie pins and I just slide them into different areas on her hair.