Braids, Ribbons, and Ponytail Fun

I apologize for not having step by step instructions on this hairstyle.  I often times do my daughters hair without any idea of how it is going to end. This was one of those hairstyles.  My daughter is growing out her bangs so I started with a small triangle poof for the front. 
Then I made 2 upside down braids.  (upside down meaning I braided them from the bottom of her head up towards the top of her head.)
Next I took all of her hair and put it into a ponytail and made ringlets.   
Then I took a pink ribbon and shoe lace tied it up her braids and then wrapped it around her ponytail and made a small bow in the front on the left side of her ponytail.
Below is the side view of her hair.
The picture below is of the top of her hair.