Question #2

This question was sent to me yesterday.
On "make it or break it tonight Lauren had this great french braid that went across the top up her head and into a high ponytail. If you know what I'm talking about I'd love some tips. I've been attempting it for about half an hour now. "

It is so funny I got this question at the same time I was considering doing this hairstyle. My daughter loves the show and love Lauren's hairstyles. So as for tips I will get this hairstyle posted within the next couple of days. Then I can give you some tips and ideas on my interpretation of how it was done.

I also just wanted to say that most of the hairstyles done on my older daughter I do on myself as well. I love have different hairstyles too. So hopefully by telling you guys this you can try them on yourselves too.

Thanks for all the questions.