Make it or Break it More Lauren Fun Braids

We have so much fun with Lauren's Braids on the TV Show Make it or Break it. 
I started with a far lateral part.
I made 2 french braids down each side of her head.  The tricky part is leaving a small amount of hair on her crown out of the braid.  (This is shown in the picture 2 below here)
The braid on her left starts clear over by her part and goes across the front of her head.  I made this a loose braid to give a poof in the front.
Shown below is the 2 braids completed while leaving a small amount of hair not braided in the center of the 2 braids.  I did this because I didn't want braid lines.
I then pulled all the hair into a ponytail.  Once the hair was in the ponytail I braided the remaining hair.
I then took all 3 braids and pulled them around the ponytail and secured with a clear elastic.
I used bobbie pins to pull the braids apart and give an even look for the bun.