Make it or Break it Lauren's Latest Style

Lauren's Hairstyles are so cute and so much fun to recreate. So here goes another one.

Because my daughter has a lot of hair but it is thin I made a part the same as if I was going to pull the sides up. I am going to start the braid on her left side so I left a small amount of hair on the right side and pulled it into a ponytail so it won't be braided with the rest.

To start this braid pull the hair up and start braiding at the corner of her eye. (This hairstyle is difficult to do on yourself so find someone that could help you with the braid.
The french braid needs to start out tight but after you have it started then make a loose braid across the top. Stop the braid on the opposite side about to the end of the right eye. I used an elastic to secure the french braid.

Take the remaining hair on the side of her head and pull it up towards were your ponytail will be. This hair is going to cover the end of the braid. When I had the back complete I took a comb and made the front with a little bit more poof pulling and loosening some of the hair.

If you need help or better clarification on this style please ask.