Another Not Hair Related but Cute

I believe in the tooth fairy

I believe in the Easter bunny

I believe in Santa, too

My Grand daughter ask me this year, "Grandma do you believe in Santa Clause?" I replied without hesitation "Yes Kaylee I do believe."

I believe in all things good. You might ask how the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa are good. In my experience they teach us at a very young age to believe in things we cannot see, touch or smell. They can lay the foundation for believing in greater unseen things as we mature. They help children to believe in their dreams. They help children to have faith in things they can not see.As we realize that the tooth fairy, the Easter bunny and Santa are not as we perceived them, we are old enough to learn that their gifts were real and that the love they were given with was also real. By this time we have learned much more about life, relationships and values. If you believe, make someone special a tooth pillow to leave out for the tooth fairy. Help them to believe in their dreams.
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