Jasmine Hair

Our idea for Jasmine's Hair

Make 2 parts one in the center of her head and then take a small sections across the front of her head as shown below I put the pieces I wasn't using right now in elastics so I could control the hair a little better.

Here is a picture of the side of her head so you can see how the hair is parted.

Now put a ribbon behind the hair that was secured by the elastic on the side of her head.

I then back combed the crown of her head

Now take the hair on the sides and I twisted it all the way from the top since she has bands. I did this to keep the bangs in the right place. Twist on both sides then secure them together under about half of her hair.

The picture below shows how to secure the hair on the sides of her hair.

Take the remaining hair and secure in a low ponytail at the bottom of her head.

I then wrapped the ribbon around the ponytail. Then take another elastic and put it halfway down the remaining hair. I then took the ribbon and wrapped it around the last elastic.