Fancy Updo

This is not the best picture of the front of her hair I will get a better one.

This works best if the hair is wet. Take a small section of hair at the base of her head.

Then make a part and pull up each section of hair and pull it through to give the twist look.

Take another small section of hair on top of the one you just did. Make 3 equal parts and do the same step make a twist in each of these.

Then take the front of her hair and make a side part. Pull the hair down to her ear and put a twist through them one on each side.

Pull all of the hair into 2 pigtails then take half of each of the pigtails and secure together and twist them.

Take the reaming hair and make a messy bun leaving some hair hanging out. Curl these pieced of hair to get this beautiful updo below. This is a picture of the side of her hair

This is the view from the back of her head.