Corn Rolls into Flower

Start by parting the hair. I always part the hair I am working with and put the extra in a ponytail out of the way.

To make a corn roll you have a couple of options rolling the hair like a french braid taking one piece of hair and rolling it around the other then keep picking up hair as you go. OR below shows taking the section of hair and pulling it out straight then start rolling in one direction this also makes a roll in the hair.

Here we have 2 rolls attached together with an elastic.

You can put the parts in any direction you want today we put 2 up each side and 1 coming from the middle.

I don't have a good picture of this but to make the flower. Take a small amount of hair and put a lose twist in it. Hold it in a loop until all the strands of hair have a loop. Then put an elastic around the base of the hair you are holding.

It looks like this when finished.